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About Clym

Clym is a dynamic Consent Management Platform (CMP) that will enable you to manage consents, data privacy documents and data subject requests in one place. A CMP that can offer a location-specific user interface, is equipped to accommodate worldwide regulations and doesn’t break the bank.

Customer Centric

We are a privately-held company. Having received no outside funding, we are not committed to reaching outlandish revenue numbers – which often compromises other areas of a business. As a result, we can focus on what’s important to us…identifying and solving the customer’s need.

Product-led Strategy

Clym takes a product-led Go-To-Market (GTM) approach. Fundamentally, this means we believe in our product to sell itself by showing our customers value. If you can show your product solves a need, and in turn holds value, you don’t need to “sell” anything. We invite new users to try our product at no cost and unlock ALL features for them to test. Our goal is to get our customers using the product (seeing is believing), and let them decide if they see enough value to make a purchase. We’re not making sales calls or trying to convince customers to upgrade via email. We view those sales tactics to be short-sighted. If a customer doesn’t receive value for what he/she is paying for, then at some point you lose the customer. We don’t like to lose anything!

While our competitors spend loads of time and resources hiring/training/monitoring/managing sales reps, we have our head down working hard to improve our product. The absence of these layers enables us to streamline communication directly from our customers to our product team. In short, that means quicker results. Quicker action on things like support tickets and product suggestions. You are the customer, you have real-life painpoints and challenges to solve. The quicker we can consume and digest customer feedback, the quicker we can produce a solution.

The Clym Experience

In addition to making our product top-notch, we pride ourselves on our human touch. Yes, we are a SaaS company, and the goal is to make our product as self-service as possible. However, this is an ever changing industry and one that sometimes requires a little hand-holding. Take comfort in knowing that if you need help, we are going to be there to assist. We have offices on the East and West coast in the US, as well as offices in Europe and Australia; pretty much covering all time zones. We make ourselves available by chat, email and phone – you choose the channel.

Our Team

We are an international team of gifted engineers, marketers, designers, strategists and customer support specialists. Everyone on our team has a direct line of communication with our Co-founders and is encouraged to voice his/her thoughts.

Interested in Joining the Team?

We are always interested in speaking to talented, motivated folks that feel that they can bring value to the team. If that sounds like you, let’s talk!

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