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Follow this guide only if you have a custom service, that was not found on the integration list provided by Clym when adding services.

There are 2 steps to add third-party tags:

1. Add a third-party processor to your property (domain):

Navigate to Properties —> Your domain —>  Processors and click on the Add Third Party button.

We’ll use the Drift support widget as an example for this tutorial. It’s a widget that allows you to offer live client support on your website.

Copy and paste the third-party company’s URL (e.g: Major companies are already added to Clym so the details might be added for you after adding the URL. Complete the next steps to save the third-party processor.

2. Add the script tag

‍You’ll want to add the script tag so Clym will only load it after the user’s explicit consent.

Navigate to Cookies —> Third Party —> Tag Manager —> Click on Add Tag. Then choose  Custom (Plus sign)

Add your Third-Party script tag

Add the full script tag of your service and complete the other steps to save the tag (in our example case — Drift Support — the purpose category is Functional, the purpose is Provide Support, data category is Communication, data point is Browser information and no changes are needed in the Data Handling tab). Hit Save.

The full script tag goes in the special text area

Our scanner will try to match any cookies found on your website to this tag. You can also manually add cookies to the tag by editing it and using the Cookies tab.

Remove the tag from your website, so it will not load without user consent.  

Your new tag is now loading only with user consent.