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Prerequisites: access to the domain’s code

‍There are 2 steps to add Clym to your website:

1. Register at 

Confirm your email: you will receive a confirmation email with a link. Click on it to confirm your email.

Clym Onboarding Step 1
Clym Onboarding Step 1

Fill in the details about your company. 

If you have a DPO fill in the details, if you don’t have one, just deselect the “We have appointed a DPO” toggle and click Continue.

Choose to publish the Company profile or not on the Clym open registry.

Add optional information about yourself.

For increased security you can enable second factor authentication.

Registration is now complete. 

2. Add your domain

From the Properties menu click on the Add Domain button and go through the adding process.

Clym Onboarding Step 2
Clym Onboarding Step 2

After adding your domain’s address (e.g: you’ll need to verify ownership of the domain. You can choose one of the three methods provided. Meanwhile our scanner is checking your domain for known platforms and cookies.

After completing the chosen method, click on the Verify button. 

If the scanner found one of the supported platforms it will already choose it, otherwise choose it yourself, or just click Next if you have a custom solution. 

Next, add the services you are using from the provided list. Some examples are: GoogleAnalyticsYouTube or Vimeo for embedded content and Stripe for online payments. 

If services are found by the scanner, the necessary ids are already added, otherwise add them manually: 

Clym Onboarding Step 3
Clym Onboarding Step 3

After clicking the Next button, your widget code will be shown to you. 

Click on the Copy button and add it to your website’s <head> section on every page. Then press Done.

Your Clym widget is now loading on your website. 

Clym Onboarding Step 4
Clym Onboarding Step 4

Next you’ll have to remove the services you’ve already configured from your site’s source page 

E.g: if you have set up the Google Analytics like above, you must remove it from your pages so it will only load through Clym. This way you’ll obtain explicit consent from users and keep proof through the Clym consent receipts. 

That’s all!