How to add your Facebook Page Widget

Embedded content uses cookies. So when you embed content on your website, that code sets cookies on your visitors' browsers. The data sent to them is your responsibility.

Thus, before loading any third party content, you must obtain consent from your website's visitors.

In this guide, we'll focus on a Facebook Page Widget, but the procedure is exactly the same for any third party content loaded via <iframe> tags.

To correctly load your Facebook Page Widget only after obtaining consent, follow these steps:

1. Make sure Facebook is set as a processor in the Clym app, under Your Property > Processors > Partners. If you selected it upon registration it is already there, if not, just click on the Add Partner button, enter the company url and follow the steps to create the processor.

2. Copy the Facebook <iframe> code from Facebook developers. Don't use the sdk and <div> version, just switch to the <iframe> version.

3. Go to Your Property > Cookies > Third Party > Embedded Content > Add Code. Fill the details, just like in the screenshot above, then complete the steps and save. Then click on the options button and Get Code. Paste the code you copied from Facebook, click Generate and copy the new code to your website, where you want to display the video.

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