Stay on the safe side with the most powerful data privacy tool for data collected through web technologies on the market.

Cookie Consent

Make consent easier. Capture or withdraw cookie consent in a clear, unambiguous and ongoing way. Automatically centralise and manage it in a single application.

Show detailed information on all scripts & services that load cookies on a website and let users opt-in or out for each of them individually.

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Consent Receipts

Proving compliance is just as important as being compliant. We help you demonstrate compliance by generating a Consent Receipt whenever a user performs a new consent action.

The receipt contains the purpose of data collection, the type of data that is collected and information regarding data processors and partners that have access to the user’s data.

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Data Subject Requests

Empower users to enforce their legal rights. Collect, Track and Manage data subject requests related to their rights according to the GDPR and get notified when new requests are submitted, so you can act on them on a timely manner.

Define internal processes for each individual type of data subject' request and collaborate with colleagues to sort them out.

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Document Management

Your control panel to update and publish new versions of Policies & Terms of service at any moment through several channels.

Create and manage third-party agreements and internal procedures to organise and prove compliance.

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Company & DPO
Data Management

Build trust and show transparency by creating a public company profile that includes both company's and data protection officer's contact information. 

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Keep your doors open to all customers, regardless of their location, as we provide flexible setup per country. This gives users a choice of their preferred language and you havethe option of managing policies and cookie settings individually for each jurisdictions.

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Our Tools of Trade

Managing data privacy made easy. These are the complementary tools that help us cater your compliance needs.

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See you on the safe side

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