Company & DPO Data Management

Transparency is one of the basic requirements brought by GDPR. Companies are now required to make their contact details, along with the name and contact details of their Data Protection Officer, publicly available. Increase transparency over your company's identity by creating a public profile that includes both company and DPO contact information.

Create and Manage Company Data

Manage your company’s public profile, along with contact details, making it easy for users to reach you by displaying it right in our Privacy Widget.

Display and Manage DPO Details

If you have appointed a Data Protection Officer, his contact details must be public as well. No matter if your DPO is an employee, an external consultant or organisation, you can manage the contact information of your DPO and we’ll display them on your public profile.

Companies Open Registry

When setting up your company’s public profile, you can choose to publish it in our Companies Open Registry. The registry allows users to browse through a database containing companies’ and DPO contact details, terms of service, privacy and cookie policies and user rights.

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