Consent Receipts

Being compliant is great, but it's not enough. Being able to build strong evidence of your data privacy practices is just as important. This is why we created public consent receipts, the documents that provide proof of data subject consent.

Clym Consent Receipts are issued every time someone provides or withdraws his / hers consent based on Kantara Initiative’s standard and are published in a ledger where all transactions are cryptographically signed to avoid tempering.

Automatically Generate Consent Receipts

Within Clym, consent receipts are automatically generated for each consent action performed by users and synchronized between the privacy widget and the privacy center. Users can easily print or download them.

The consent receipts we generate contain the following information:

  • The purpose of data collection
  • The type of data that is collected, without including any personal identifiable information, only general attributes such as: first name, last name, phone number, company
  • Information regarding data processors and partners that have access to the user’s data

Later, this consent can be transferred to partners if necessary.

Verify Consent Receipts

All consent receipts generated through Clym are stored in a Consent Public Ledger. This ledger allows you, data subjects or third parties to easily verify consent receipts. A single view of consent.

See you on the safe side

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