Cookie Consent Management

Even though some types of cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of a website, others can contribute to the identification of a data subject. This means you need to address consent requirements for cookies the same way you would with any other personal data. Clym's cookie consent management feature helps you collect consent, manage cookies, classify the data they collect and empower users to control whether they are loaded on a page or not.

GDPR Cookie Consent

Under GDPR, cookies & some of the data collected through web technologies are considered personal data. This means users must now opt-in to cookies and can no longer be forced to accept the cookie policy in order to access a website. We address cookie consent management requirements by providing users with information on all cookies used on a website, allowing them to opt-in or out for each of them.

For each service and group of cookies they can see the following:

  • Service name
  • Description and purpose
  • Lawfulness of processing
  • Company data for third party processors (name, location, link to site, data location)
  • Data it collects
  • Scripts that set up the cookies are not loaded on a page unless the user gives explicit consent

First Party Cookie Management

Set up and manage first party cookies. Define the technology, purpose, type of data collected, as well as information on how the collected data is handled.

Third Party Cookie Management


Scanning your domain is not enough. Stay in control of cookies by managing and tracking them all through the Clym application. By loading both first party and third party cookies through our script, you eliminate the risk of piggybacking. Supplier whitelisting allows the restriction of cookies that have not been provided by authorised suppliers.


One of the challenges brought by the GDPR is obtaining consent for loading third party embedded content. The reason for this is that it saves cookies from external sources.

We help you collect and manage consent for this type of content by setting up an embedded code for each third party processor. In order to access embedded content, users will be asked to review the third party processor’s details and give their consent.

Cookie Scanner

Perform an initial or periodical cookie audit by scanning your domain and discovering all existing cookies. The cookie scanner will give you a quick starting point in ensuring cookie compliance.

See you on the safe side

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