Data protection legislation is not universal. Nor is Clym. We provide a seamless adaptive experience based on any user's country of residence and language.

The application can be tailored to your organisation and website needs, based on country-specific privacy regulations. In addition to this, it also allows language preferences for a superior user experience, as well as for the situation where the law requires consent to be granted in the user’s preferred language in order to be legal.

Flexible Set Up Per Country

Different jurisdictions might require different approaches. We offer the tools to make sure you are able to address them, by allowing you to manage policies, agreements and procedures based on jurisdiction and language.

Language Customisation

Stay in touch with all your customers by tailoring your online presence using language packs. Set up a language pack and use it for customising your messages, content and the privacy widget.

Widget And Policy Translation

Language is no longer a barrier. Set up language packs and give your users a choice of their prefered language for displaying the widget and the policies.

See you on the safe side

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