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In the Clym Admin you can create templates for your documents, such as terms, policies, agreements & procedures. This way, you can easily use them for your properties.  

In this guide we’ll show you how to create a privacy policy template for your organisation and how to use it for one of your domains.

  1. Create a policy template

Navigate to Company -> Policies, Agreements & Procedures -> Templates and click on the Add button. Select Policy template:

Give the new template a name, add a note to the entry if you want and choose whether it will be public or not. Click Save:

Add the text of your new template. Click Save.

Your new policy has been successfully created.

Now let’s see how you can actually use it.

Add the privacy policy template to one of your domains

Navigate to Properties. Select the property where you want to use the template you’ve just created. Go to Policies and click Add. Select Policy:

Give the new policy a name, select the policy template you wish to use and fill in the remaining information. Click Save:

Make any remaining adjustments you want to the policy and click Save:

The new policy has been saved to your property.

That’s it.