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According to the location of your website visitors, you might want to alter the privacy settings, to respect the privacy obligations of that jurisdiction.

Maybe your site visitor comes from a country that doesn’t have strict regulations around cookies. In this case you can tell Clym to disable the widget and privacy settings, and load all third party scripts.

Or maybe you want to warn users from a specific country and block their interaction with your website, until they have given consent or rejected some specific cookie.

Whatever the scenario, Clym’s got you covered, with comprehensive localisation options.

To use Clym’s localisation feature, go to your Property in the Clym admin and navigate to Widget. Click on the ADD button and use the step-by-step flow to define specific rules for one country, or a list of countries.

Everything is up to you. You can manage the Requests section and the Documents that show up in your Widget and Privacy Center and even enable loading the cookies by OPT-IN or OPT-OUT.