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Data Privacy Glossary


The set of internal rules adopted by multinational companies in to define their global policies on international data transfers within the same corporate group towards countries that don't share the same level of protection.


Personal data processing so that the data can no longer attributed to a specific data subject

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Knowledge Base

A collection of short articles exploring data privacy terms, principles, regulations and procedures.
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Data Privacy News

First GDPR Fines Issued In Austria

The Austrian Data Protection Authority issued the first fine for non-compliance after the enforcement of the GDPR.

Data privacy goes beyond industry. It’s a universal human right. We help you respect your customers’ and collaborators’ privacy and show you care, regardless of your business.

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Case Studies

Curious to see who are some of our happy customers? See case studies from companies that leverage our platform to get a head-start in compliance with privacy laws around the world.

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Use Case: Government
Bringing privacy to government institutions. This is a use case of how you can customise Clym for your organisation.
Use Case: Financial Institution
Lead by example. This is a use case of how you can customise Clym for your Financial Institution’s website and customers.

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