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Data Privacy Glossary

Restriction Of Processing

Restriction of processing is marking of stored personal data in order to restrict its processing in the future.

International Organisation

An organisation and its subordinate bodies regulated by the public international law, or a body established based on an agreement between at least two countries.

Ebooks, infographics and videos

Knowledge Base

A collection of short articles exploring data privacy terms, principles, regulations and procedures.
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Data Privacy News

Assistance And Access Bill Places Australia In The Battle Between Governments And Tech Companies

On the 6th of December, Australia’s parliament passed the Assistance and Access Bill 2018, one of the most criticized privacy legislations.

Data privacy goes beyond industry. It’s a universal human right. We help you respect your customers’ and collaborators’ privacy and show you care, regardless of your business.

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Case Studies

Curious to see who are some of our happy customers? See case studies from companies that leverage our platform to get a head-start in compliance with privacy laws around the world.

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Use Cases

Retail Webstore Use Case: Blocker Cookie Notice
Enhance your eCommerce business. This is a GDPR cookie consent example of how you can customise Clym for your Retail Webstore.
Tourism Agency Use Case: Discrete Cookie Notice
Improve your agency's online presence. Here's a GDPR cookie consent example of how you can customise Clym for your Tourism Agency.

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