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Cookie Consent Management

Let’s face it: your website, whether you built it yourself on WordPress or had it professionally designed, can be accessed by users from all over the globe. If you’re using cookies and tracking scripts (which you almost certainly are), when a user visits your website you’re collecting personally identifiable information (“PII”) that can be subject to regulation in the jurisdiction where the user is a resident.

As more privacy laws are being introduced across the world, you should look to incorporate a scalable and flexible cookie consent management platform into your tech stack that can help you avoid the significant fines and penalties that result from violations.

Ensure your website's compliance with a cookie consent manager

What is a Cookie Consent Manager?

A cookie consent manager is a solution that provides a website with the ability to obtain user consent from visitors to collect their data through cookies; this facilitates cookie compliance with various data privacy regulations around the world.

A consent management platform (CMP) enables companies to automate their consent management process, making it easier to be compliant in a world of ever-evolving data privacy regulation. A compliant CMP can inform your visitors about the types of data that is being collected about them and for what purposes, it can store their consent data and allow you to deal with data subject access requests. For example if your website visitors request an alteration of the data you hold about them, including accessing or deleting said data, a CMP allows you to easily do this.

As always, it’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data privacy law, so your CMP should be flexible to accommodate website visitors from all over the world.

Transparently communicate what cookies your website is running

What Does a Cookie Notice look like?

Cookie notices come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Some companies use footer banners, others have a widget on either side of their website, and others use a cookie popup blocker to collect consent prior to a visitor seeing anything on their website.

The best kind of cookie notice will be one that’s customizable based on a visitor’s location, because some jurisdictions don’t require these notices, and many companies want to do everything possible to not hinder their customers’ UI.

Clym - Cookie Consent Widget UI
There's no one-size fits all solution for cookie notices, Clym knows them all

Requirements for Cookie Notice

Every jurisdiction is different, but in general a cookie notice should include the following elements:

Cookie Notice for WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms –  Whether you’re using a website built on WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce or others, it’s important that you use a flexible CMP to assist with your data privacy law compliance.

The more cookies and tracking scripts you’re using, the more at risk you are for cookie consent compliance violations.

Data privacy laws are complicated, let Clym help you manage them all

Compliance is King

You’ve seen those terrible website banners stating “By using this website you accept our use of cookies”. What a joke! These banners aren’t compliant with any modern data privacy regulation, and can put your company at risk of significant fines and penalties.

However, there’s no one-size fits all solution to data privacy laws, as regulations in different jurisdictions have different rules about how you can collect personal data through the use of cookies and tracking scripts. If your customer base includes European citizens, you’ll need to comply with GDPR and collect consents before you collect data from those visitors.

If your customer base includes California citizens, you should comply with CCPA and provide an “opt-out” mechanism for those customers. Scratching your head yet? Don’t worry, Clym’s platform uses geo-location technology to ensure that, no matter where they are in the world your website visitors get a compliant experience, so your legal team can rest easy.

Clearly State What’s Being Collected

The user should be provided with a clear message of the data being collected and have the ability to opt-in (meaning consent is given prior to data collection) or opt-out (meaning that a data subject can withdraw their consent) of its collection based on the rules in their jurisdiction;

No Grey Area

Given by means of an affirmative, positive action that cannot be misinterpreted: this means a clear yes or no with no ambiguation, preferably on a cookie-by-cookie (aka granular) basis;

Regulation Settings

Given prior to the initial processing of the personal data: GDPR requires an opt-in prior to data/cookie collection, while CCPA assumes an opt-in and requires an opt-out mechanism for the consumer;


it must be easy for the user to change their mind and withdraw the consent at any time;


All given consents must be recorded as documentation: this is important! An audit-ready trail of information should be created to show when, where, why, what and how consent was obtained.

Our popular platform meets the needs of your legal and marketing teams

Business Friendly

Using Clym helps your attorneys sleep better at night, but what about your marketing team? We’ve got them covered too: the data is the lifeblood of your marketing team’s efforts to drive top-line revenues.

That’s why at Clym we believe in striking the right balance between legal compliance and marketing optimisation. Our platform allows the maximum amount of data to be collected in accordance with the regulation imposed by your website’s visitors. That way your marketing team isn’t deprived of the information they need to drive traffic and sales to your company.

Manage your data privacy efforts on a centralized and intuitive platform

Fantastic User Experience

You put a lot of money into the look and feel of your website, and we’re not here to intrude. Our customizable platform provides you with the ability to have the look and feel you want: widget placement, color scheme and branding for your company can reduce the friction your website visitors experience when browsing your website.

Optimize your compliance efforts with automated consent receipts

Audit ready

For every visit to your website a record of given consent is registered through our tool, which helps you have an audit-ready trail of data. 

This way you are always prepared to show when, where, why, what and how consent was obtained.

Install in minutes, no development skill required!

Easy to implement

We’re here to reduce your headaches associated with data privacy law compliance, so our cookie consent manager starts working on your website with a simple copy and paste of Javascript code. We have default settings for all major data privacy laws around the globe, and our clean, crisp user interface makes it easy to customize how you want your website to look and feel. And if you run into questions, our support team is available around the clock to assist. Whether you’re looking for a cookie notice for your WordPress, BigCommerce, Wix or other site, Clym works smoothly and effortlessly.

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