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Data Subject Requests

Did you know that data privacy regulations grant certain rights to individuals regarding the data your business collects from them? Individuals are beginning to exercise these rights through what’s called a data subject access request (“DSAR”), which requires your business to respond in a timely manner based on where that individual is located, and every regulation is different. Clym helps companies manage DSARs in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

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Scan your website for a detailed report on cookies and policies found on your site to see if you are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other data privacy laws around the world.

Manage Your DSAR's

Collect Subject Requests

Our Privacy Widget provides data subjects with a powerful, user friendly tool for submitting requests, as is required by data privacy legislation such as the GDPR. User requests are automatically synchronised in the application, without requiring any additional action.

Track your DSAR's

Manage Subject Requests

Once a data subject submits a request, you’ll be able to view and track it right within the application. Requests are sent and managed by property, allowing you to respond to data subjects and to update their status as you progress. When a request has been fulfilled, simply mark it as Closed.

Don't Miss any DSAR's

Get Notifications

Stay in the loop about new requests. Daily notifications sent straight to your email address help you act quickly when receiving new requests. Set up individual notifications for each of your properties.

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