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Document Management

No one reads those privacy policies companies post on their websites, right? WRONG! It’s the first stop that many consumers and regulators make to see how and why you’re using collected data, and whether your usage is in compliance with various data privacy laws.

Your company’s privacy policies, and others including terms of service or cookie policies need to transparently communicate to consumers a number of pieces of information and stay updated as data privacy laws continue to evolve. Clym helps you simplify and streamline your policy management by allowing you to create, update and communicate policies at any time, with prior versions available at your discretion to show the evolution of your privacy protocols.

Document Management

Manage Terms, Policies, Agreements & Procedures

Clym helps you simplify and streamline policy management, adaptable by jurisdiction. Create, update, and communicate policies at any time, in a transparent way, letting users know what the latest version is and when it was updated. Manage public or private agreements and procedures.


Embed And Share Policies

All policies, agreements and procedures managed through Clym can be easily included in your domain or shared with partners by using embed codes and unique document URLs. Whenever a new document version is created, we automatically sync and update it everywhere.

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