How to install the Clym X-Cart addon

Making your online shop GDPR compliant just got easier. We have now released a X-Cart addon that helps you easily integrate Clym with your website.

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to easily set up Clym for your  online shop using our X-Cart addon.

Here are the steps:

1. Install the Clym addon

Login to your X-Cart store admin and go to My addons -> view more addons in Marketplace and search for “Clym”.

Click on the Install button:

Then click on Install addons:

Select Install anyway:

The addon has been successfully installed. Now we’ll move to the domain verification part.

2. Verify the ownership of the domain.

Go to Clym module Settings:

Open the Clym Admin in a new tab.

Navigate to Properties and click on the Add Property button. Follow the instructions:

When you get to the Verify domain step, copy the Meta tag id

and paste it in X-Cart. Click Submit:

Click Verify Domain in the Clym dashboard and continue:

3. Complete the integration. When you get to the Integration step in the Clym App onboarding process, copy the Widget id:

and paste it in the plugin, at the Integration step:

Click Submit in X-Cart and Done in the Clym App:

That's it.

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See you on the safe side