One platform for
global privacy needs.

Manage consent, cookies, policies, procedures, terms & data subject requests while automatically building evidence through consent receipts.

Gain customer trust

Display transparency and grow your business by showing your customers you respect their rights and care about their privacy.

Save time on your compliance process

Clym’s 10 minute integration and pre-built GDPR processes allow you to focus on your business while working through compliance requirements.

Make cookie consent easier

Don’t overwhelm your customers with time-consuming GDPR processes. Clym makes cookie consent management a breeze, allowing them to withdraw consent at any moment and you to manage it easily.

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Avoid risk

Clym helps you minimise the risk of being fined, losing customer data or business to a minimum through encryption, anonymisation and control.

Keep your doors
open to European & Californian customers

New privacy laws in Europe and the US, such as the GDPR and the CCPA are changing the face of business. This is no reason for you to give up on your EU or Californian customers, though. We help you keep them close through flexible setup per countrry and localisation.

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Prove compliance

Rest assured you're covering GDPR's principle of accountability through consent receipts published in Clym's ledger and a fully audited system.

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Minimise your
GDPR compliance costs

Keep your IT resources focused on the projects that truly move the needle for your organisation. We provide an enterprise product for an affordable monthly payment.

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You focus on your business. We focus on compliance.

We optimise for compliance by keeping a close eye on data privacy legislation around the world, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

“By far the best consent & cookie management tool I have seen. Very well thought through and with a practical approach to GDPR. Basically holds your hands through the whole thing and provides a very substantial basis for your marketing to work on. I recommend it to all my clients, from small businesses to very big enterprise companies.”

MD Teksylvania, Martech Agency

“GDPR compliance solution perfect for WordPress. Clym helps you manage all your user requests and consents in a timely manner. After all, you have like 72h to produce such documents if requested by the authorities! People don’t really realize how serious this stuff is. The Consent Receipts Clym offers are a real life saver!”

Founder Super WP Heroes, WordPress Development Services

See you on the safe side

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