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Easy access to information is crucial for any business, but easy doesn’t mean safe. Creating a secure information environment for you and your customers is the starting point of any efficient digital transformation project, and a must for becoming compliant with data security regulations. It’s no news that to answer regulatory challenges, businesses need to change the way they address personal data.
Consent has become a key compliance aspect for every company that manages personal data, regardless of its size or location. Even though the General Data Protection Regulation will be the one to have a stronger impact on all companies that process European Citizen’s personal information, consent is an important aspect in other legislations as well. PSD2, COPPA, PIPEDA and PDPA are some of the world’s laws approaching consent.
Even if a country does not have a data protection regulation in place, if companies want to process EU citizens’ data, they will need to comply with the GDPR to avoid hefty fines. In order for businesses to comply with all these requirements, it is important that they put in place an effective consent management process.
Clym is a product by Clym LTD, a UK-based company. Clym LTD addresses companies that want ensure compliance by allowing them to manage data privacy regulations across the globe with one simple &  powerful tool.
Cookies, Consent, Policies and Terms, Data Processors, Data Subject Requests and International Data Transfers are all managed in a secure and adaptive application. We give users the liberty to manage and withdraw consent at any moment. Evidence of GDPR compliance is proven through: consent receipts, fully  audited system, data encryption, GDPR processes, roles and rights, transparency and customization.
We keep a close eye on data privacy legislation, so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Through our close ties with public organisations such as IAPP and Kantara Initiative, we work hard to stay ahead of the game and ensure Clym is fully compliant with legislation.

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