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Clym’s robust platform offers plans that are suitable for all companies, big and small.


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Clym can help protect your organization from penalties imposed by GDPR and CCPA by managing consent, cookies, policies, procedures and data subject requests and enabling you to be ready in the event of an audit or request.

All our subscription plans can help make your website GDPR and CCPA compliant. Pay monthly and upgrade based on how many page views you receive per month. There are no hidden fees!

Features included​

Privacy Center

Opt-in / Opt-out

Integrated Audit System

PII Encryption & Anonymization

Automated Cookie Scanning and Classification

Terms, Policies, Agreements & Procedures

Customize to Your Branding Colors

Document Templates

Datapoints and Vendor Mapping

Data Subject Request Collection and Management

Digitally-signed Consent Receipts

Document Versioning

Advanced Cookie
Tag Manager

Do Not Sell My Data Request

Flexible Setup per Country / Regulation

Documents Translation

Cookie Consent Management

Processing Purpose Management

Public Consent
Receipts Ledger

Document Embed & Share

Language Customization

Identity Verification system

Request Assignment

Companies Open Registry

Embedded Content Control

Company and DPO Data

Request Notifications

Consent Options Customisation

Customisable Notice Layouts

Configurable Request Management Flows

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Frequently asked questions

Billing is done when you upgrade to one of our paid subscription plans. For eg. if you subscribed on the 15th of January, you will be billed for the month between 15th of January and 14th of February.

No. If you exceed your current pricing plan, we’ll analyse the number of pageviews for the last 6 months. If the average is equal or higher than the current month’s volume, we’ll notify you via email and stop loading the widget on your domain until you upgrade.

We count a pageview as follows:

  • A page load. If a user accesses the same page within 5 seconds, we count it as 1 pageview. If the user accesses a different page within those 5 seconds, we count it as a new pageview.
  • An embedded document (eg. terms of service) load. For embedded documents, every refresh is considered a new pageview, regardless of the duration.
  • An embedded content (eg. video) load. For embedded content, every refresh is considered a new pageview, regardless of the duration.

A property is a user data repository for which the same terms, policies, agreements, procedures and localisation rules apply. A property can be either a domain with all its subdomains, a subdomain or it might cover multiple domains.

A domain is an online property where Clym is set up and which includes all subdomains, pages and subpages. is considered as being a domain.

We consider a subdomain as a subdivision of a domain, such as is considered as being a page. is considered as being a subpage.

Allows you to manage the cookies for your online properties in the Privacy center and load them on a page only after the user gives his consent. Includes embedded content cookie consent for third party services.

Includes language customisation options for the privacy widget and policies, allowing users to choose their preferred language and helping you manage policies individually for different jurisdictions. We allow you to localise content, but we don’t provide it for you.

Allows you to collect requests from data subjects in accordance to their legal rights and manage them in the Clym Application.

Create different policies for different jurisdictions. Modify, update and publish new versions of your Policies at any moment in a transparent way, letting your users know what the latest version is and when it was added.

The Privacy widget is your visitors’ interface to your company, where they can manage Consent, Cookies, send Requests, read Policies or Contact you.

The Privacy center is your data subjects’ privacy control panel, where they can explore their rights, view all your policies, procedures, terms & agreements, and submit requests.

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